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Who is Attorney
Eric Brian Clay?


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Over 18 years of trial and courtroom 

A trustworthy and fierce attorney who will fight right alongside you!

Dismissals are ALWAYS the ultimate goal!

Eric is a highly experienced legal professional who has NEVER LOST AT TRIAL!

He protects your constitutional rights to help get your life back on track!


Eric Brian Clay, Attorney at Law

Attorney Eric Clay is a Houston native that has been practicing criminal defense law in Harris County for more than 18 years.


Eric grew up building dirt track race cars at his uncle's salvage yard in Splendora, TX. Eric is an adrenaline junkie with gasoline flowing through his veins. As a die hard automotive enthusiast, Eric takes great pride in defending those charged with crimes such as racing on a highway or reckless driving. Eric knows that as a car guy, sometimes our hobbies can get us in trouble.

At heart, Eric is a loving and caring family man who understands the importance family. Because of this, Eric works tirelessly to free his clients from incarceration. Eric says that one of his greatest joys in life is the feeling of reuniting a family that has been separated by unfortunate circumstances.

Eric believes that everyone deserves a second chance in life. At Attorney Clay, we are dedicated to building a personal relationship with each and every one of our clients. We believe that this helps us more thoroughly understand our clients' unique circumstance.  

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a DISMISSAL of your charge, or a REDUCTION of your sentence. Let us protect your rights and get your life back on track. 

If you or someone you love has been charged with a criminal offense, do not delay! 

Don't delay, contact us TODAY!

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